The rodeo bull has for many years been the centrepiece of many functions and events across the globe. Ideal with the Wild West theme, a bucking bronco can be hired for any event, be it a wedding, family fun day, school fun day, corporate function, university, private party, or other. You can hire rodeo bull for any event within the country, and our nationwide service is available all year round. So if you want to hire bucking bronco for your next function or event give us a call and find out how we can bring this fantastic form of entertainment to you.

The vast majority of your guests will have seen a rodeo bull hire before, but many may have never give it a go before. The bucking bronco hire will draw in the crowds and encourage guests young and old to see how long they can last on board the rodeo bull for hire. As soon as the bucking bronco for hire starts to move, the time begins, and the player with the highest time is deemed the winner. Our team will deliver the mechanical bull hire and set up the equipment. We will also man the equipment, controlling the bull and keeping scores. We can determine an overall winner and prizes can be given out to increase the competition. When you hire mechanical bull you can decide whether to keep scores or allow simple free play.

The mechanical bull for hire is always harder than it looks and there is no way to pre-determine which of your guests will triumph. The rodeo bull simulator requires technique and balance, allowing anyone to swoop in and win. This makes the rodeo bull inflatable more exciting than strong-man tests such as the hi striker and punch ball machine, as it is fairly obvious based on person’s physique which of your guests may triumph at those such games. The bucking bronco ride is a great addition to any event and you can even hire a few to dot around large scale events. If you hire 2 mechanical bull ride then you can have one-on-one competitions and mini tournaments. The choice is yours when you hire rodeo rides with us.

Remember, you can hire a rodeo bull with us for any event inside the UK and our services are available all year round. To learn more about this great choice of entertainment speak to one of our sales team who can inform you of pricing and availability.